How Our Business Can Benefit You

Our family owned and operated business allows us to do things without the "corporate" feel. Whether it is our One-Tier pricing structure, our free routing program or our outstanding product, there is a reason that we have over a 95% customer retention rate. Try us out and you will see what all the fuss is about.


One-Tier Pricing Model

Tired of not getting the best price from your profile supplier? Or, even worse, are you tired of being set up through distribution? Stop being tired.

No one else in the industry features a 1-Tier pricing model which keep YOU from getting THEIR best price possible. Not with us. We assure you that the price we have is the price we sell to everyone, allowing you to be competitive even on a smaller scale while buying directly from the manufacturer.


Free Routing Program

Whether you are a fabricator yourself or an installer, our free routing program is a great way to cut time and labor. We offer free routing on any post and if you need a custom rout all that we ask is for the exact dimensions to make sure it gets to you right.

While other extruders can charge up to $.25 per rout, our program offers a routed product for the same price as a blank post. Our free routing program is a no hassle, hands off approach that has been helping our customers manage their labor and job effeciency much more effectively.


Outstanding Product

Simply put, we sell quality vinyl. In an industry where everyone thinks it's about making a thinner and cheaper product, we have put standards in place that make sure our vinyl profiles are the best on the market.

All Vinyl Extrusions are:

11 parts per 100 ti02 for UV protection

Co-Extruded with sub-straight made from window and door profiles

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