About Us

Freedom Fence Company was established in 2003 and is owned by Jeff and Donna Daugherty. There is 35 years of vinyl production experience between us. We left the corporate world to start our own business. Our goal was to use our knowledge to make a top quality product and treat customers with care and integrity.

Our experience in the manufacturing of vinyl products includes vinyl windows, vinyl siding and vinyl fence and includes extensive training in PVC formulation and extrusion processing.

We believe that if you produce a quality product at a fair price and have great customer service your product will sell itself.

We are the MANUFACTURER of Vinyl Fence!


Our Manufacturing Process

Vinyl post and rail is manufactured through an extrusion process which is defined as converting powder or granules into a continuous uniform melt and forcing this melt through a die which yields a desired shape.

Freedom Fence Company uses a co-extrusion system with two (2) twin-screw extruders.

1) Material is added to each extruder and fused with heat and pressure as it moves through the screws.

2) It is pushed through an extrusion die at the desired profile.

3) The profile is then pulled by a haul-off through a series of calibrators and cooling spray tanks to cool the product to the desired temperature.

4) It is then pushed through a cut-off saw and cut to the proper length.

5) The extrusion is inspected for any defects and locking notches (if necessary) are added to both ends of the profile.

6) The profile is then packaged into bundles and is ready for resale.

7) The product is inspected and stacked on racks and moved to a holding area until it can be routed by our CNC Router if needed.